I finally took the time to restore a blog here.

I lost my previous blog due to my incompetence, a software bug or an SQL injection of some kind (pick one) so I decided to wait until Dotclear 2 to make a new one. The former blog was running on some beta and I must say the final version is worth it, even if I don't like the new theme and the logo from the old one is awfully compressed. Meh, I'll fix that later.

While I was at it, I also re-enabled trackbacks since there seems to be a spam filter for those, too. I don't know if it's effective but if I have to, I'll disable them again. It's not like I ever used them anyway.

By the way, if anyone knows why SHOW TABLES LIKE 'foo_%' returns different results than SHOW TABLE STATUS LIKE 'foo_%', let me know.

Update: Okay, the logo is fixed. I've done better while taking two extra KB. The first try was even 1 KB lighter and still looked better, go figure...