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Tuesday, December 22 2009

Too Many Sebastians Top Ten Most Amazing Remixes of 2009

For electronic music enthusiasts, I recommend Too Many Sebastians Top Ten Most Amazing Remixes of 2009. I'm only halfway through listening to it and it's indeed quite pleasant.

Sunday, July 19 2009

Not by Orwell

William Gibson has just discovered that a reasonably known George Orwell quote had actually nothing to do with Orwell.

In my opinion, it looked more like something an Orwell character would have said than a quote by Orwell himself anyway.

Monday, January 19 2009

Demyo 1.1 released

Last December, I released the first public version of a software I'm working on in my spare time: Demyo.

Demyo is a Web-based (but designed for offline usage) comics manager. You can read a list of its features on the website.

It is still in development so there might be a few bugs here and there, the interface needs some work and importing an existing collection isn't easy, but it's stable enough: I and some of my relatives already use it to manage our respective collections.

Tuesday, January 6 2009

Never trust a general store vendor, episode 57954

Me: What's the difference between this card reader (pointing at a 35 in 1 reader, 10€) and this one (pointing at a 1000 in 1, 17€), besides not commonly used formats?

Him: Ah well, the first one is only a reader. The second one can read and write.

Me: Errr... are you sure?

Him: Why yes.

Me (thinking): Yeah, right.

Me: Oh, thanks.

Well, I guess I can't blame him for trying and being a filthy liar. Oh wait, I actually can.

Monday, December 8 2008

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

I've just finished playing PoP:SoT for the third time and I have to say it would earn its place in the top 5 games of the last decade. Okay, it's a bit short (a bit more than 6 hours the first time I played it, then 4h and 5h) but it looks good, plays awesome and is not yet another first person shooter designed with 42 shades of brown.

If you like games and don't have anything against platformers in particular, you owe so yourself to play this. It's also cheap (there's a pack with the trilogy for about 20 bucks if you feel like it, even if the latter two games are not as good) and will most likely run on your computer, even if you hardly ever upgrade it.

Hell, even Yahtzee liked it.