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Monday, November 10 2008

A GUI to select boot OS with GRUB

When I first installed Linux, I was using the (default) setup, i.e. KDE and LILO. What I thought was nice was to be able to select on which OS I would boot next time with a handy menu.

When I switched to Debian / Xfce4 / GRUB, I noticed that this was no longer possible. From what I read on the forums at the time, I was stuck with the default option no matter what...

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Thursday, August 21 2008

Transparently unmount FUSE using fish

If you're using SSHFS - a FUSE client to mount remote directories with SSH - you've most likely hit the point where you could mount directories as a user, but could not unmount them with your favorite mountpoint manager (GNOME, xfce4-mount-plugin, etc). You maybe also discovered that, as root, you could unmount them but that running umount /mnt/foo as a user would fail with the following message : mount disagrees with the fstab.

The problem comes from the fact that, while mount can mount fuse systems, umount cannot unmount them since the entry in /etc/mtab doesn't match the one you entered in your fstab. You should instead use fusermount -u /mnt/foo. Thing is: that command is longer to type, and having only one way to unmount file systems would be much better. Well, that's exactly what your shell was made for !

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