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Tuesday, July 28 2009

Tron Legacy

It seems like the rumor has been spreading for some time, now, but I just found out about it. In what is probably the geekiest move of the year, Disney is making a sequel to Tron. A trailer of the so-called Tron Legacy was recently shown at Comic-Con. Both the trailer and the official website state that the movie will be available in 3D theaters but the trailer looks good enough in 2D so I doubt it will only be available in those.

Monday, July 27 2009

2010, the year of Alice

Apparently, 2010 will be the year of bizarre movies based on Lewis Carroll's Alice.

One by Tim Burton, starring Burton's beloved Johnny Depp, as well as Helena Bonham Carter (also seen in Sweeney Todd), Alan Rickman (the Caterpillar) and Christopher Lee (the Jabberwock). The movie is produced by Walt Disney, so it shouldn't be as noir as Sweeney Todd.

Another one by Marilyn Manson, starring himself and - probably - Emma Watson. Not much details about this yet.

The last one is based on American McGee's Alice, an horror platform video game from 2000.

2010 should be pretty interesting...

Tuesday, February 17 2009


I finally got to see Wanted. 3-point review:

  • Good action movie if you feel like using 5% of your brain and give the other 95% some rest.
  • Besides the main plot outline, it's nothing like the comic. What's left is basically the main character: how he was a loser, how his father died and how he suddenly got badass (and started swearing).
  • Read the comic, it's far more original (but not as mainstream).

Wednesday, February 11 2009

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Monday, I went to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. It had been nominated 13 times for the Oscars, was directed by David Fincher (I saw all his movies since Alien┬│), was ranked in the 100's on IMDB after less than a month, and some friends wanted to see it too. So if if I'm not going to watch it, what kind of motivation do I need ?

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Thursday, August 28 2008

Babylon A.D.

I went to see Babylon A.D. today and since it's only been released yesterday here and won't be until the 29th in the USA, I thought I'd give some insight on the movie.

It's basically an action movie starring Vin Diesel in the role of a "people smuggler" who is hired to escort a girl to the USA. He starts off in what was once the USSR (I forgot the exact place and it maybe wasn't in the USSR but you get the idea) and blah blah blah evil forces try to catch the girl blah blah Vin feels like he should start thinking blah blah. So, yeah, it starts Vin Diesel and if you don't like his acting or his voice that sounds like he's been drinking vodka since he was 3, you'll probably be better off watching something else. Otherwise, there's enough action and story to make for a good entertainment, assuming you like mild science-fiction.

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