While working on a Java project (which doesn't have a real homepage yet) with a friend and colleague, we felt the need to provide an efficient way to transfer potentially massive files on a Peer-to-Peer computing network (as opposed to the well known P2P data networks). We agreed on the use of BitTorrent, for a bunch of technical reasons (for example, see [1], [2], [3], [4], ...)

After digging for a few days, the best solution I found was to use Azureus (now called Vuze). After a lot of work, I succeeded in using both the client and the tracker in a programmatic way. However, for reasons that I can't or don't want to explain without trolling, we were never really happy with it.

Not much later, LimeWire added support for BitTorrent. And this week, I finally got the time and motivation to look into it.