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Tuesday, June 2 2009

Zenoss as a replacement for Nagios

At work, i'm responsible of maintaining something like 60 desktop computers up and running. To keep track of their state, I use Nagios. It's not a bad tool, but its interface is ugly and quite unintuitive, and it lacks some features.

Last month, a new version of Zenoss was released. Zenoss is a full monitoring suite based on SNMP. It is rumored to scale well, track the hosts' states with more accuracy and be visually more appealing. It looked like a nice alternative, so I tried to set it up to replace Nagios.

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Thursday, September 11 2008

Java, XML and indenting

A while ago, a friend/colleague was having trouble outputting formatted XML with Java's XML API. Both our codes output valid XML, but only mine was indenting it.

Basically, they looked like this (some logic skipped for ease of reading):

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