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Rants that don't really belong anywhere else.

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Saturday, May 9 2009

"It was a good day" flowchart

Found this on a dev blog (go figure) : Ice Cube's "It was a good day" flowchart (watch the video on youtube at the same time).

Wednesday, May 6 2009

Hash MD5 et SHA1 pour Windows 7 RC x86

Tout le monde le sait déjà, Microsoft a mis en téléchargement la RC de Windows 7 hier. Si vous n'étiez pas au courant, vous n'en avez sans doute rien à faire.

Toujours est-il que l'applet permettant de choper l'ISO est un peu tatillonne et a tendance à planter avant de dire que tout va bien (que tout aille bien ou pas). Du coup, pour savoir si le téléchargement s'est bien passé, il faudrait autre chose (des hashs). Sauf que j'en ai pas trouvé sur le net.

Voilà donc les miens, basés sur une iso que l'applet a déclarée conforme sans planter :

  • MD5 :
    76ed90e8772fcb9935b5dd5c4cf90183  7100.0.090421-1700_x86fre_client_fr-fr_retail_ultimate-grc1culfrer_fr_dvd.iso
  • SHA-1 :
    a3ea834da3e35d18a8c08ce4092cce31d4b5d98a  7100.0.090421-1700_x86fre_client_fr-fr_retail_ultimate-grc1culfrer_fr_dvd.iso

Note : il s'agit du hash de la version 32bit, pas de la 64.

Wednesday, April 1 2009

Coyote sues Acme

This is apparently quite old, but I just found it. It seems like Coyote has sued Acme. I don't know if an agreement was reached.

Friday, February 27 2009

The mystery of Ireland's worst driver

Just because countries join Europe doesn't mean they understand each other.

Thursday, February 26 2009

The front fell off

This is apparently quite old but I just stumbled upon it. If you like the Monty Python kind of sense of humor, you ought to check it out.

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Tuesday, February 17 2009


I finally got to see Wanted. 3-point review:

  • Good action movie if you feel like using 5% of your brain and give the other 95% some rest.
  • Besides the main plot outline, it's nothing like the comic. What's left is basically the main character: how he was a loser, how his father died and how he suddenly got badass (and started swearing).
  • Read the comic, it's far more original (but not as mainstream).

Wednesday, February 11 2009

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Monday, I went to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. It had been nominated 13 times for the Oscars, was directed by David Fincher (I saw all his movies since Alien³), was ranked in the 100's on IMDB after less than a month, and some friends wanted to see it too. So if if I'm not going to watch it, what kind of motivation do I need ?

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Tuesday, January 6 2009

Never trust a general store vendor, episode 57954

Me: What's the difference between this card reader (pointing at a 35 in 1 reader, 10€) and this one (pointing at a 1000 in 1, 17€), besides not commonly used formats?

Him: Ah well, the first one is only a reader. The second one can read and write.

Me: Errr... are you sure?

Him: Why yes.

Me (thinking): Yeah, right.

Me: Oh, thanks.

Well, I guess I can't blame him for trying and being a filthy liar. Oh wait, I actually can.

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