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Rants that don't really belong anywhere else.

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Tuesday, April 14 2015

This blog is dead, move along

This blog is now dead with no immediate plan to revive it. I kept most of the archives (only removing some rants, but not all of them) in case it would be of some use to someone. Don't you hate it when your trusted bookmark is removed by its author?

Comments are also gone.

Tuesday, December 22 2009

Too Many Sebastians Top Ten Most Amazing Remixes of 2009

For electronic music enthusiasts, I recommend Too Many Sebastians Top Ten Most Amazing Remixes of 2009. I'm only halfway through listening to it and it's indeed quite pleasant.

Saturday, September 26 2009

Google releases Chrome Frame

Google has just released Google Chrome Frame, a plugin to integrate its Javascript engine and the Webkit rendering engine into Internet Explorer 6/7/8. Geek enthusiasts around the world already proclaimed this day (actually, that day, since it was Tuesday) as the day Web could finally be done right.

But is it really that great?

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Tuesday, July 28 2009

Tron Legacy

It seems like the rumor has been spreading for some time, now, but I just found out about it. In what is probably the geekiest move of the year, Disney is making a sequel to Tron. A trailer of the so-called Tron Legacy was recently shown at Comic-Con. Both the trailer and the official website state that the movie will be available in 3D theaters but the trailer looks good enough in 2D so I doubt it will only be available in those.

Monday, July 27 2009

2010, the year of Alice

Apparently, 2010 will be the year of bizarre movies based on Lewis Carroll's Alice.

One by Tim Burton, starring Burton's beloved Johnny Depp, as well as Helena Bonham Carter (also seen in Sweeney Todd), Alan Rickman (the Caterpillar) and Christopher Lee (the Jabberwock). The movie is produced by Walt Disney, so it shouldn't be as noir as Sweeney Todd.

Another one by Marilyn Manson, starring himself and - probably - Emma Watson. Not much details about this yet.

The last one is based on American McGee's Alice, an horror platform video game from 2000.

2010 should be pretty interesting...

Thursday, July 23 2009

Les Ardentes 2009

Du 9 au 12 juillet se tenait à Liège la 4° édition des Ardentes, un festival électro-rock. L'occasion de voir pas mal d'artistes, avec une bonne moitié que je ne connaissais pour ainsi dire pas.

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Sunday, July 19 2009

Not by Orwell

William Gibson has just discovered that a reasonably known George Orwell quote had actually nothing to do with Orwell.

In my opinion, it looked more like something an Orwell character would have said than a quote by Orwell himself anyway.

Wednesday, July 15 2009

P2P File Sharing for P2P Computing

Yay, "my" article got published. Man does it take a while for these things to be printed.

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