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Sunday, July 19 2009

Not by Orwell

William Gibson has just discovered that a reasonably known George Orwell quote had actually nothing to do with Orwell.

In my opinion, it looked more like something an Orwell character would have said than a quote by Orwell himself anyway.

Wednesday, July 15 2009

P2P File Sharing for P2P Computing

Yay, "my" article got published. Man does it take a while for these things to be printed.

Saturday, June 13 2009

Demyo 1.3 released

Something like 4 months after 1.2, here is Demyo 1.3 Blaze.

For a developer standpoint, the main thing for this release was performance.

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Tuesday, June 2 2009

Zenoss as a replacement for Nagios

At work, i'm responsible of maintaining something like 60 desktop computers up and running. To keep track of their state, I use Nagios. It's not a bad tool, but its interface is ugly and quite unintuitive, and it lacks some features.

Last month, a new version of Zenoss was released. Zenoss is a full monitoring suite based on SNMP. It is rumored to scale well, track the hosts' states with more accuracy and be visually more appealing. It looked like a nice alternative, so I tried to set it up to replace Nagios.

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Saturday, May 9 2009

"It was a good day" flowchart

Found this on a dev blog (go figure) : Ice Cube's "It was a good day" flowchart (watch the video on youtube at the same time).

Wednesday, May 6 2009

Hash MD5 et SHA1 pour Windows 7 RC x86

Tout le monde le sait déjà, Microsoft a mis en téléchargement la RC de Windows 7 hier. Si vous n'étiez pas au courant, vous n'en avez sans doute rien à faire.

Toujours est-il que l'applet permettant de choper l'ISO est un peu tatillonne et a tendance à planter avant de dire que tout va bien (que tout aille bien ou pas). Du coup, pour savoir si le téléchargement s'est bien passé, il faudrait autre chose (des hashs). Sauf que j'en ai pas trouvé sur le net.

Voilà donc les miens, basés sur une iso que l'applet a déclarée conforme sans planter :

  • MD5 :
    76ed90e8772fcb9935b5dd5c4cf90183  7100.0.090421-1700_x86fre_client_fr-fr_retail_ultimate-grc1culfrer_fr_dvd.iso
  • SHA-1 :
    a3ea834da3e35d18a8c08ce4092cce31d4b5d98a  7100.0.090421-1700_x86fre_client_fr-fr_retail_ultimate-grc1culfrer_fr_dvd.iso

Note : il s'agit du hash de la version 32bit, pas de la 64.

Wednesday, April 1 2009

Coyote sues Acme

This is apparently quite old, but I just found it. It seems like Coyote has sued Acme. I don't know if an agreement was reached.

Monday, March 30 2009

Demyo 1.2 released

Finally, after 4 months of work (a lot less really since I do this when I have time), Demyo 1.2 has been released. All details are available on the Demyo 1.2 release page.

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